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Where Can I Buy A Popcorn Maker

Create up to 10 cups of hot, delicious, fluffy popcorn in minutes with the Cuisinart Classic-Style Popcorn Maker. The 500-watt heater requires no advance heat-up, so the popper is ready to use right away, and the mechanized spinner moves the kernels to ensure each one is popped to fluffy perfection. The nonstick kettle and door are removable for easy access and cleanup. This classic popcorn maker livens up any gathering and makes family time festive and fun!

where can i buy a popcorn maker

Movie night just isn't complete without a big bowl of buttery popcorn. While microwave brands may take less time to satiate your snack attack, the taste just doesn't compare to popcorn made in a popper. Before you pick a machine, get the facts.

Like any other appliance in your house, a popcorn popper is going to take up precious space. But unlike your microwave or blender, this is one appliance you're probably not going to use on a daily basis. Pick one that is easy to store.

The all-aluminum Whirley Pop makes popping and seasoning popcorn easy. Not only is it fast, but it leaves practically no kernels unpopped. And thanks to its handle, you can easily mix in melted butter, salt, coconut oil, etc.

Pros: virtually no unpopped kernels or burnt popcorn, requires no babysitting, faster than stovetop methods, little to no cleanupCons: a single-use appliance that takes up extra space, less crunchy kernels, in some cases must unplug the appliance from the wall to stop the process

Pros: makes the crunchiest popcorn, no new equipment necessaryCons: requires the most attention, has the greatest chance of burning kernels, involves the most cleanup

You have several ways to make popcorn on a stove using th