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How to Install Junkyard Keeper MOD APK with Unlimited Money and Resources

Junkyard Keeper APK Mod Download: How to Play and Enjoy the Game

Do you love simulation games where you can manage your own business and make money? Do you enjoy collecting and recycling different kinds of garbage? Do you want to find hidden treasures in a huge junkyard? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to try Junkyard Keeper, a fun and addictive game that lets you run your legendary junkyard and keep finding treasures.

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But what if you want to play the game without any limitations or costs? What if you want to unlock all the features and upgrades without spending real money? Well, there is a way to do that. You can download Junkyard Keeper APK Mod, a modified version of the game that gives you unlimited money and benefits. With this mod, you can enjoy the game more without any hassle or worry.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Junkyard Keeper APK Mod Download. We will explain what is Junkyard Keeper, what is Junkyard Keeper APK Mod, how to download and install the mod, tips and tricks for playing the game, and a review of the game. By the end of this article, you will be able to play and enjoy Junkyard Keeper like never before.

What is Junkyard Keeper?

Junkyard Keeper is a simulation game developed by ZPLAY Games. It was released in June 2021 for Android and iOS devices. The game has over 5 million downloads on Google Play and over 500 thousand downloads on App Store. The game has a 4.4 star rating on Google Play and a 4.6 star rating on App Store.

A simulation game where you run a junkyard and find treasures

In Junkyard Keeper, you play as the owner of a legendary junkyard that has been passed down from generation to generation. Your goal is to collect and recycle as much garbage as possible, and find hidden treasures and parts in the process. You can use different vehicles and machines to help you with your task, such as trucks, cranes, grinders, vacuums, and helicopters. You can also upgrade your vehicles and junkyard to make them more efficient and profitable.

Features of the game

Junkyard Keeper has many features that make it an enjoyable and satisfying game. Here are some of them:

Smooth and satisfying physics

The game has realistic and smooth physics that make the gameplay more immersive and fun. You can interact with different types of garbage and see how they react to your actions. You can crush, smash, cut, burn, melt, and explode various items in the junkyard. You can also see the effects of gravity, friction, and inertia on the garbage.

Different types of garbage and locations

The game has a variety of garbage that you can collect and recycle. You can find common items like bottles, cans, boxes, tires, and furniture, as well as rare items like electronics, jewelry, antiques, and even gold bars. You can also explore different locations in the junkyard, such as the city dump, the forest dump, the desert dump, and the ocean dump. Each location has its own challenges and surprises.

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Manage your junkyard and turn waste into money

The game also lets you manage your junkyard and turn waste into money. You can sell your recycled materials to different buyers and earn cash. You can also use your money to buy new vehicles, machines, and upgrades for your junkyard. You can also expand your junkyard and unlock new areas to explore.

Unlock and upgrade new vehicles

The game also allows you to unlock and upgrade new vehicles that can help you with your junkyard business. You can use different vehicles for different purposes, such as collecting, transporting, crushing, sorting, and recycling garbage. You can also customize your vehicles with different colors, stickers, and accessories. Some of the vehicles you can use are:


TruckCollects garbage from the dumpCapacity, speed, evolution

CraneLifts heavy items from the dumpPower, range, magnet

GrinderCrushes large items into smaller piecesBlade, speed, fire

VacuumSucks up small items from the dumpSuction, filter, storage

HelicopterTransports items from one place to another fasterFuel, speed, hook

What is Junkyard Keeper APK Mod?

Junkyard Keeper APK Mod is a modified version of the game that gives you unlimited money and benefits. With this mod, you can play the game without any restrictions or costs. You can buy any vehicle, machine, or upgrade you want. You can also access all the locations and levels in the game. You can enjoy the game more and faster with this mod.

A modified version of the game that gives you unlimited money and benefits

The mod is created by modifying the original APK file of the game. The modder changes some codes and values in the file to give you unlimited money and benefits. For example, the modder can change the amount of money you earn from selling recycled materials, or the cost of buying vehicles and upgrades. The modder can also unlock all the features and levels in the game that are normally locked or require real money to access.

How to download and install the mod

If you want to download and install the mod, you need to follow these steps:

Find a reliable source online

The first step is to find a reliable source online that offers the mod. You need to be careful when choosing a source, because some sources may contain viruses, malware, or fake files that can harm your device or steal your data. You can use some criteria to judge the reliability of a source, such as:

  • The reputation and reviews of the source

  • The number and quality of downloads and ratings of the mod

  • The date and version of the mod

  • The compatibility and security of the mod

One example of a reliable source that we found is . This source has a good reputation and reviews, over 10 thousand downloads and ratings, a recent date and version, and a compatible and secure mod.

Enable unknown sources on your device

The next step is to enable unknown sources on your device. This is necessary because your device normally does not allow you to install apps from sources other than Google Play or App Store. To enable unknown sources, you need to go to your device settings, then security, then toggle on unknown sources.

Download and install the APK file

The final step is to download and install the APK file from the source. You need to click on the download button on the source website, then wait for the file to be downloaded on your device. After that, you need to open the file and follow the instructions to install it. Once the installation is done, you can launch the game and enjoy the mod. Tips and Tricks for Playing Junkyard Keeper

Junkyard Keeper is a simple and easy game to play, but it can also be challenging and tricky at times. If you want to play the game better and faster, you can follow some tips and tricks that we have gathered for you. Here are some of them:

Collect as much garbage as possible in each level

The more garbage you collect in each level, the more money you will earn and the more treasures you will find. You should try to fill up your truck as much as possible before leaving the dump. You should also look for items that have a high value or a special function, such as gold bars, batteries, magnets, or explosives. These items can help you earn more money or make your job easier.

Use the vacuum truck to suck up small items

The vacuum truck is a useful vehicle that can help you collect small items from the dump. You can use it to suck up items like bottles, cans, coins, and nails. These items can be hard to pick up with other vehicles, but they can add up to a lot of money and materials. You can also use the vacuum truck to clean up the junkyard and make it look nicer.

Use the grinder to crush large items

The grinder is another useful vehicle that can help you crush la


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