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Jewelry Buying Tips

You know what you find appealing, and you should trust your judgment as you begin to browse. You can still buy gorgeous jewelry your loved one will cherish without sabotaging your budget. Just follow these guidelines to avoid common stumbles:

jewelry buying tips


Not only do those specifics impact the look and cost of jewelry, but they also tell you what it will require to care for the purchase. Sterling silver needs regular polishing, for instance, and gemstone settings should be examined by a jeweler occasionally to ensure they remain secure.

Whether you are looking for a gift, an engagement ring, or even something for yourself, you should always feel confident in your purchase. To learn what to look out for when buying fine jewelry online, keep reading for our five most important tips.

If you feel like you already have jewelry basics, consider branching out with some not-so-basic-but-still-spectacular pieces. Now is the time to consider black and color diamonds and other color gemstones. Want to bring out your baby blues? Consider some sapphire studs. Are your favorite going-out shoes fire-engine-red sandals? A pendant necklace featuring a crimson ruby or garnet will add a spark and miles of sophistication to any occasion.

Branded jewelry (think Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, Sophie Bille Brahe, etc.) comprise about 20% of the jewelry market. Both online sales and branded accessories will become more dominant portions of jewelry market growth in the next few years.

In 2021 U.S. Customs seized shipments carrying over 500 items of counterfeit jewelry with Cartier and Hermes emblems in one raid alone. If the items had been real, the market value of the seized items would have been $32 million.

Now is the time to protect yourself from dubious bling. Do so by understanding the value of different materials, requesting certifications, and buying from reputable sellers. This will help you steer clear of fraud or poor-quality purchases and keep your holiday filled with hearts and flowers.

The online jewelry market continues to grow and while buying jewelry online can be convenient, it is wise to proceed with caution and make sure your purchase is legitimate and arrives in your hands whole and beautiful.

If buying a diamond, ask for a GIA Diamond Grading Report: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most recommended and sets consistent standards for diamond grading and identification. For colored gemstones, the go-to labs for grading include: AGL (American Gemological Laboratories), Gübelin Gem Lab, SSEF (Swiss Gemological Institute) and GRS (GemResearch SwissLab).

Additionally, twisting and bending semi-rigid chains or other jewelry pieces can cause permanent damage. Pay extra if need be to ensure that your item is shipped in a box that is large enough.

Especially when you are purchasing expensive diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry with precious metals, there is no guarantee that your existing homeowners policy will provide sufficient protection if the piece is lost, damaged, or stolen. Before buying a piece online, contact your insurance agent or broker to see what coverage you have in place.

That's the double-edged sword of jewelry shopping at estate sales, pawn shops, and the like. If you have a Pinterest board full of dream rings and a style already in mind, rummaging through secondhand stores with limited inventory isn't your best bet.

Research, research, research. Google the pawn shops you're considering and read all the reviews you can find. Ask your friends and family. Give special preference to pawn shops that specialize in jewelry. Do enough research that you feel confident walking into the shop, not wondering if they're going to pull one over on you.

Also, learn as much as you can about jewelry. Start your shopping armed with jewelry knowledge so you already know what a quality diamond looks like, what the market price for gold currently is, and how heavy true 14K gold should feel in your hand. (Or bring along a knowledgeable friend!)

With jewelry, be less concerned with the aesthetic and more with the quality. Something may appear outdated and not your taste, but if it's made of high-quality materials at a steal of a price, you may be able to afford to have your jeweler re-create it.

How do you know if the pawn shop jewelry piece is of good quality? Ask for certifications or appraisals. Hopefully, they have documentation to prove the make-up of the jewelry and quality of any stones. If not, plan to take it to an appraiser yourself.

While you may not be able to take it to an independent appraiser prior to purchasing, if you get a description of the jewelry in writing from the pawn shop, you should (hopefully) have no issue returning it if the appraisal doesn't match up.

And, remember, secondhand jewelry needs insurance, too! If you'd like to see how much jewelry insurance could cost you per year, click the button below for a quote in minutes. No personal information required.

You buy diamonds or diamond jewelry either for yourself or for your loved ones and usually your decision of buying a diamond is based on some emotions. Buying a diamond or diamond jewelry is certainly an expensive purchase and it is advisable to you to get some knowledge about diamonds and their characteristics. You can get detailed information on each and every aspect of diamond in our diamond guide.

Heavenly Pines is not your normal run of the mill chain store. We value loyalty and family.Your satisfaction is always our first priority.We offer in-house design, consignment jewelry, jewelry/watch repair and so much more.Our expertise is helping you re-design family pieces, create a custom piece or find exquisite jewelry at an affordable price.

A gemstone is a mineral or rock, which can be used in jewelry after cutting or faceting and polishing. Gemstones are diverse in their beauty and many gems are available in a stunning variety of colors. Gemstones are used in jewelry since ancient times. The diamond is one of the most preferred gemstones but there are some other gemstones also which look very good in jewelry as well as cost very less as compared to diamonds.

Gemstones are available in many varieties and buying a gemstone or gemstone jewelry is not an easy task. It is advisable to you to get some knowledge, about gemstones and their characteristics, before buying. You can get detai led information on each and every aspects of gemstone in our gemstone guide.

At Jewelry Creations we believe that the real value in all jewelry is what it means to you or the person receiving it. We mark special occasions, such as a marriage with an accessory that can be worn every day to show our love. We remember loved ones by wearing a piece that they may have worn in the past so that we have a constant reminder of that person. A diamond is handed down through generations.

Welcome to our jewelry buying tips page where you can learn to get the best value when you buy jewelry. We will continue to add tips to this page so check back periodically. We hope that you will find the information helpful and hope that it helps you make better jewelry buying decisions.

Jewelry can make a thoughtful gift for so many of our loved ones. Whether it's for a partner, friend, parent, or child, a piece of jewelry is something they can wear every day, or save for special occasions. One thing's for sure: it will always make them think of you and your special relationship.

The keys to knowing how to buy jewelry and choosing just the right piece is to consider the recipient and the meaning of the gift. There are some important things you'll want to think about before you go shopping.

When you choose jewelry, it's good to understand the materials used in the piece. Precious metals and gems come in a range of grades and price points, so pay attention to the differences as you shop.

Even if you put a lot of thought into choosing jewelry for someone, there's always the chance they may need a different size or a different piece. Take a few minutes to confirm the store's return policy before you decide on a gift. You may never need to use it, but it will give you peace of mind!

Be thoughtful, but don't overthink it. Whether you pick something that reflects their style or has a personalized stone or engraving, a meaningful piece of jewelry that you buy with your loved one in mind will make them feel so loved by you. And that's the whole point!

New jewelers often find themselves jumping from a well-stocked school studio or pre-assembled kits to an empty home studio. Once you're ready to stock your own jewelry studio, read our tips for buying jewelry supplies.

We've all been there. You've taken some really great jewelry making classes with fantastic instructors who provided you with pre-made jewelry kits of all the materials you would need. Now, you're ready to start working on your own. It's exciting! It's empowering! But then you start shopping for supplies in bulk. Talk about a whole new world. Don't worry! We're here to help.

Instructor Erica Stice says, "We see this all the time in the studio. It can be overwhelming for students to figure out what they need. In fact, we have one class that's all about training people how to plan, budget and create their designs. It's a difficult lesson to teach. We quickly see how fast $50 can be spent on buying supplies!"

Determine the quantity of each component you need for a finished jewelry piece and make a list. Be very specific so you'll know what to order now and so you can replicate the design in the future if you decide to make more.

Moving past kits into buying jewelry supplies is going to open up a whole new world for you. Enjoy it! Find more tips for small jewelry businesses and subscribe to weekly article releases on the Halstead Jewelry Articles. 041b061a72


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