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Sibel Can Sen Gelmez Oldun

From Alakbar's youth people around him noticed his musical talent, but he chose the other way and engaged in jurisprudence. But absence of special musical talent didn't prevent him from composing his first song called Gonshu gizi ("Neighbour Girl") in 1958, which was heard on the air of Azerbaijan State Television performed by Zeynab Khanlarova. The prominent musician Akif Bakikhanov helped Alakbar Taghiyev to become a composer. Later, Alakbar Taghiyev composed more than 2000 songs and many of them are stored in archive of the composer's son, and only more than 200 of them have been dubbed.[1] There are such well known and popular songs as Arzu gizim ("My daughter Arzu"), Istayiram goram sani ("I want to see you"), Sana gurban, San galmaz oldun ("You didn't come") among them. His songs were performed by such prominent Azerbaijani singers as Rashid Behbudov, Shovkat Alakbarova, Sara Gadimova, Rubaba Muradova, Zeynab Khanlarova, Islam Rzayev, Flora Kerimova, Nisa Gasimova, Mammadbaghir Baghirzade, Faig Aghayev and others. Because of the absence of the musical education Alakbar Taghiyev was not allowed to the Union of Azerbaijani Composers, but in spite of that he was chosen to the Musical Fund of the USSR at the eminent Azerbaijani conductor Niyazi's and composer Tofig Guliyev's insistence.

Sibel Can Sen Gelmez Oldun

Singers return to Alakbar Taghiyev's creativity up till now and his songs enter not only Azerbaijani singers' but also foreign singers' repertoire, too.[2] Melody of the composer's well-known Sen gelmez oldun song was performed by Azerbaijani musician Alihan Samedov on balaban in Turkey and on nai by famous Moldavian naist Konstantin Moskovich, and also was sung by Turkish singer Sibel Can and Russians singers Byanka and Sogdiana.[3] 041b061a72


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