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Dark Elf Historia Full Save

The Noldor were the Second Clan of the Elves in both order and size, the other clans being the Vanyar, a smaller group, and the Teleri, a much larger one. The Noldor typically had grey eyes and dark hair, save for the members of the golden-haired House of Finarfin.[30][31]

dark elf historia full save

Callum is also very moral, refusing the temptations of dark magic when confronted with the choice within his dreams while suffering illness due to the corrupting effects of such magic. His stance against using it allowed him to open both his mind and body to the Sky arcanum, displaying an iron will. Despite not being born a royal, Callum has the heart of one, putting the desires of others first before his own such as giving up his magical abilities to save Zym and keep everyone's hope alive. Unlike Viren, Callum was able to let go of his revenge and hate as well as his prejudice towards elves after spending a short time with and getting to know Rayla. He is annoyed when she pretends to be human, but ironically, he has the same sense of humor as her. Upon entering Xadia, Callum pretended to be an elf and made humorous remarks about the behavior of elves.

A young dark elf who has swore loyalty to Olga, and has faithfully served her as Olga's personal servant. She is the daughter of a male human and a female dark elf, making her half-human and half-elf. She spent most of her childhood as a slave for the aristocrat, Sir John Mandeville, before being rescued by the dark queen. Chloe is very serious about serving Olga, and as such, she can get angry very fast if somebody badmouths her dear queen. Chloe, along with Olga, was captured by the Kuroinu mercenaries at the beginning of the story.

Kiyan and Eara note themselves in the Secret Sactum in Berkel. She asks him how he knew that place, to what he replies he's not sure, but thinks that seemed like dark magic. They find an wounded Orc, Olaf, and Eara heals him. Olaf notices Eara is the Channel, tells he's from the Steel Orc Tribe, and he's in the Secret Sanctum to hide from an attack from the Bone Orc Tribe. They ask Olaf about directions to the Empire, but only the Elder knows the directions. Olaf offers to accompany them, and give them the informatin they need, because they saved his life.

Kiyan and Eara get back to the Secret Sanctum, and open the blocked passage. There's an evil aura in the Secret Sanctum, which gives Kiyan a headache, but they can continue. They find a contaminated priest, that summons monsters to kill them, and, after defeating him, he tells them only the power of light could save him. Looking for clues, they discovered chief Abbot tried to seal the power, but was swallowed and contaminated, being sealed in the chapel, the only way back to the Empire. Kiyan and Eara enter the chapel, finding the mutated Chief Abbot, who states "A bringer of light stands with a son of the chaos-strider? Interesting". Kiyan have a hard headache, to which Abbot says it's his body responding to the darkness. Kiyan remembers something about his past (nothing conclusive). Abbot wants to kill Kiyan and use his power, but Eara defends Kiyan. Abbot then says that Kiyan couldn't take the darkness power, but Kiyan can still fight. Kiyan defeats Chief Abbot, who states that the arrival of the final King is soon, which will change the world. Eara then thinks "and everybody's saying he's the son of darkness...Can this even be? Do I have to kill this person because I'm the Channel?". They get out of the Sanctum.

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In the anime adaptation, Yuuki's amnesia is shown to have affected his mental state that, along with his lack of basic knowledge, his behavior is reverted that of a toddler. In addition to his current state, he is only able to speak one or two words at a time and he simply follows along what the rest of the Gourmet Guild do. His uselessness in a fight is shown where he is unable to take care of himself and often gets bitten or chewed on by various monsters and even animals, which becomes a running gag throughout the anime. However, much like in the game, Yuuki's unyielding kindness and heroism still shows, throwing himself between Christina and Hatsune when the former was about to attack the latter and facing a giant Shadow by himself to protect an injured Pecorine and Karyl. Over time, Yuuki slowly but surely starts to regain much of his mental faculties and starts becoming independent, being able to fight monsters and Shadows by himself. However, his memories still remain fragmented and when he does start to remember his past, his behavior takes a momentary shift, mainly if he remembers anything relating to his former guild, Twinkle Wish. Yuuki becomes serious, lacking much of his innocence which Karyl notices after he asks Pecorine for swordsmanship lessons. Upon seeing a vivid memory he had of them, Yuuki became depressed for forgetting about them and blaming himself for failing to protect them. While Yuuki does care for his current guildmates and the people they have befriended, he becomes reckless in his attempts to save everyone, such as forcefully pushing the limits of his Princess Knight power to prevent Kiiri from disappearing and reassuring Labyrista he is fine when asked about his worsening physical condition. Ultimately, Yuuki's decisions and actions are meant to protect his friends no matter the pain he has to endure, shown in a flashback where he tearfully sacrificed the bonds he formed and memories he created in a previous loop with his friends to start over and save them.

Soon after, Yuuki introduces himself to the group who are a guild called Twinkle Wish, and is surprised to learn that one of his classmates, Yui Kusano, is a member of it. Due to being a beginner and having no idea what to do, Yuuki asks if he could join their guild which Hiyori and Yui eagerly accept, but Rei refuses, reminding the other two that they promised that it would only be just the three of them. Yuuki ends up becoming a member of the guild, leading Rei to angrily storm off. While in search of Rei, Yuuki is contacted by Akira through his Mimi device. Akira apologizes for suddenly putting Yuuki in this situation, but vaguely answers to him that she wishes to see if he can help Twinkle Wish reach their goal before she cuts off the transmission. Eventually, Yuuki finds Rei and tries to reason with her, but they are interrupted by the appearance of a strong monster, forcing them to fight it off. It isn't until Hiyori and Yui arrive to assist them that they successfully defeat the monster. Ultimately, Yuuki and the other two are able to convince Rei to stay in the guild. During his first time with the guild, Yuuki learns that the guild's goal is to make it to the summit of the Tower of Sol, where the wish granting AI, Minerva, awaits any player who successfully reaches the top. Unsure at first, Yuuki decides to help the girls, with the group collectively vowing to become the first players to meet Minerva and become the Chosen Princess. During their adventures, they encounter Okto and Muimi Sonoue, members of the Seven Crowns, who stand their way of making it to the Tower of Sol. Yuuki and the girls are able to defend themselves and drive off Okto and Muimi. Sometime later, Yuuki and the others decide to meet and hang out with each other in real life, with Yuuki and Yui waiting for Rei and Hiyori near a train station. After some awkward re-introductions, Yuuki is able to properly befriend Rei and Hiyori, with the group reaffirming their dream of meeting Minerva. Later on, Akira would inform Yuuki that he is a Princess Knight and that he has the power to boost the strength of his allies in a fight, telling him that she believes he and his friends have what it takes to reach the top of the Tower of Sol and save Minerva.


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