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Dark Elf Historia Full Save

The Noldor were the Second Clan of the Elves in both order and size, the other clans being the Vanyar, a smaller group, and the Teleri, a much larger one. The Noldor typically had grey eyes and dark hair, save for the members of the golden-haired House of Finarfin.[30][31]

dark elf historia full save

Callum is also very moral, refusing the temptations of dark magic when confronted with the choice within his dreams while suffering illness due to the corrupting effects of such magic. His stance against using it allowed him to open both his mind and body to the Sky arcanum, displaying an iron will. Despite not being born a royal, Callum has the heart of one, putting the desires of others first before his own such as giving up his magical abilities to save Zym and keep everyone's hope alive. Unlike Viren, Callum was able to let go of his revenge and hate as well as his prejudice towards elves after spending a short time with and getting to know Rayla. He is annoyed when she pretends to be human, but ironically, he has the same sense of humor as her. Upon entering Xadia, Callum pretended to be an elf and made humorous remarks about the behavior of elves.

A young dark elf who has swore loyalty to Olga, and has faithfully served her as Olga's personal servant. She is the daughter of a male human and a female dark elf, making her half-human and half-elf. She spent most of her childhood as a slave for the aristocrat, Sir John Mandeville, before being rescued by the dark queen. Chloe is very serious about serving Olga