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Parodontax Toothpaste Where To Buy

Taking good care of your gums is vital as healthy gums provide the foundation for strong teeth. You also need to keep teeth clean to help preserve their natural whiteness. The best way to help keep your teeth and gums healthy is brushing for two minutes, twice a day with a toothpaste that helps to protect your gums and teeth.

parodontax toothpaste where to buy

By physically removing the build up of plaque bacteria along the gumline, parodontax toothpaste helps to keep the seal between gums and teeth tight and it is 4x more effective* than a regular toothpaste at removing the main cause of bleeding gums. When used twice daily it is clinically proven to help stop bleeding gums. *Compared to regular toothpastes, following a professional clean and twice daily brushing. This does not apply to parodontax Whitening.

parodontax HERBAL toothpaste contains mineral salt and is clinically proven to help stop bleeding gums by removing the build-up of bacteria - the main cause of gum problems, for healthy gums and strong teeth. It also has a unique flavour combination of ginger extracts, mint and eucalyptus for a clean, fresh and herbal sensation. parodontax HERBAL is recommended for daily use as it contains fluoride to help strengthen teeth.