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Poem by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: heart, journey, joy, love, passion, spiritual

Love Loud

Turn on the beats of the heart

And loud love.

The soul longs to hum

The tune of passion.

An upbeat aura of magic

Steering the ride.

An everlasting journey of love

Luring hearts to be on board.

A puff of spring breeze turning mild

Blankets of frozen feelings.

Breathe in the scent of love

Design a divine cocoon.

The music within is warm enough

To bloom.

Uncage fears and worries

Rejoice what of beauty

In can be filled.

Seize times of glee

And set the  soul free.

Turn on the beats of the heart

And loud love.


May 19th,  2018

by P.M. Richter

grace will find you when
thoughts fade away
crushed with unbearable grief
"losing your mind"
suffering during a dark night of the soul
the ego crumbles; revealing the light
your soul consciousness
"finding yourself"
directly experiencing the divine sense of oneness
where everything is connected at a deeper level
there is but one consciousness appearing as many
breathless views are available with inner focus
crossing a chasm with one final leap of faith
you become blissful; radiating like the sun
"experiencing enlightenment"
revived with a new perspective
humans are never perfect
but our pure being is
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